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MCEU Hospitality

Upskilling the EU Hospitality Industry with Portable Micro-Credentials

Project Description

The MCEU Hospitality project addresses vocational education and training challenges. It establishes an interconnected system tailored for the hospitality sector to identify skills gaps and employ micro-credentials in line with EU skills policy. The project aims for global expansion by collaborating with vocational education and training (VET) providers, employers, and stakeholders, creating a transformative cooperative system.


To combat micro-credential underutilisation, the project partners closely with VET providers and hospitality employers. These micro-credentials meet EU standards and cater to sector-specific needs, advocating for their value among workers, employers, and training providers. The project plans to streamline technical and regulatory complexities by creating an online platform for portable digital micro-credentials, harmonising existing EU tools like EDC, EBSI, and Europass.


Its core objectives include developing a comprehensive solution with high-quality micro-credentials and an interconnected system, continuous improvement through the MCEU framework, a user-friendly digital platform adhering to the European approach, and fostering robust collaborations among VET providers, employers, industry experts, and social partners to ensure widespread micro-credential adoption.


The consortium, consisting of seven partners from four countries, units to drive innovation and transformation in hospitality vocational education and training. The mission is to enhance skills development, benefiting learners, workers, and employers, while aligning with EU skills policy and standards.

Access Advisors' role

As the leader of the Communication, Dissemination, and Sustainability work package for the MCEU Hospitality project, Access Advisors is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive communication and dissemination plan, managing all communication channels effectively, crafting a robust sustainability plan, and organising a high-impact final conference to showcase the project's achievements and future prospects.

Project duration

36 months (January 2024 - January 2027)

Funding programme


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