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EBSI enabled Verifiable Credentials and Trusted Organisations Registries

Project Description

In collaboration with 52 partners from 20 countries, EBSI-VECTOR is dedicated to redefining the digital interactions of European citizens within their educational and professional journeys, all within a decentralised framework. Concurrently, the project aims to streamline complex verification processes for organisations.

The consortium behind EBSI-VECTOR leverages the existing capabilities of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) pertaining to verifiable credentials and trusted registries. One of the primary objectives of the project is the development and execution of a strategy aimed at expanding EBSI's capabilities and fostering their adoption across diverse countries. This endeavour entails active engagement with numerous stakeholders in the realms of education and social security. To facilitate this mission, national coordination and support units are established to drive comprehensive implementation efforts within the education sector and pilot innovative solutions in the domain of social security.

At the core of this project lies the provision of essential building blocks and tools designed to empower both individuals and organisations, enabling secure interactions through the utilisation of verifiable credentials. EBSI-VECTOR harnesses the privacy-friendly verification capabilities inherent in EBSI's decentralised trusted registries, ensuring the integrity and security of these digital interactions.

Access Advisors' role

As the leader of the communication and outreach strategy within the EBSI-VECTOR consortium, Access Advisors is pivotal in crafting and disseminating key messages, promoting the consortium's expertise in digital transformation, and orchestrating stakeholder engagement through strategic events and partnerships. Our role is crucial in enhancing the visibility and impact of the consortium's work, fostering network expansion, and facilitating effective internal and external communication.

Project duration

24 months (June 2023 - June 2025)

Funding programme

Digital Europe

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