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EBSI Network Expansion

Project Description

The primary objectives of EBSI-NE encompass increasing the number of validator nodes within the production EBSI network and delivering crucial support services to all stakeholders engaged with EBSI. Through these endeavours, the consortium endeavours to elevate the robustness and maturity of the EBSI production network, thus paving the way for the realisation of prioritised EBSI cross-border use cases.


Concretely, the project will yield the incorporation of 18 new validator nodes into the EBSI production network, coupled with the provisioning of support services by 24 entities spanning diverse regions within the EBSI ecosystem. The comprehensive activities undertaken not only encompass the requisite tasks for deploying EBSI production nodes but also include voluntary initiatives aimed at amplifying performance, adoption, and the holistic advancement of the EBSI network.


The consortium is constituted by 24 organisations originating from 14 European countries, including government agencies, public institutions, and academic bodies. Each member brings to the table extensive expertise in Distributed Ledger Technologies and prior involvement in EBSI ecosystem initiatives, including the deployment of pre-production nodes.

Access Advisors' role

In leading Work Package 4 for the EBSI-NE project, Access Advisors executes key activities to enhance the project's impact and reach. These activities include designing a comprehensive communication plan that aligns with the project's goals, creating a distinct visual identity to establish a strong brand presence, and developing and maintaining a robust website and social media strategy for effective online engagement.


Access Advisors is also responsible for ecosystem building, focusing on long-term sustainability strategies to ensure enduring collaboration and growth, and orchestrating a high-impact final conference that showcases the project's achievements and future potential. These initiatives collectively aim to amplify the EBSI-NE project's visibility, foster understanding and collaboration, and solidify the European blockchain landscape.

Project duration

24 months (November 2023 - November 2025)

Funding programme

Digital Europe

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