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Our Expertise
At Access Advisors, our expertise is born out of our passions, our values, and our experience.

Human rights

For us, defending human rights is a passion. 


We support NGOs, coalitions, and associations to get their message heard by the right audience at the right time. We promote the active defence of human rights through the use of the whole EU legislative toolbox, to improve the continuously evolving human rights situation in Europe and the world.

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Education is the key to a good labour market and a working democracy.


We help our clients take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the EU’s commitments to up-skill its labour market to meet the demand of the post-COVID economy.

Education_Public affairs


We value the disruptive nature of technology and its benefits for society. 

We collaborate with emerging digital start-ups to navigate the Brussels bubble and help them to achieve their full potential.


As the EU is looking to reform and harmonise laws for telecommunications, copyright & audio-visual media services, through implementing new requirements on cybersecurity, data flows, and data protection, we help our clients anticipate policy changes. At Access Advisors, we make sure our clients voices are heard & accounted for when new EU policy is made.

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At Access Advisors, we understand that climate change is the defining issue of this century. 


As the EU is looking to transition to a circular economy and play a leading role in the world in the fight against climate change through the Green Deal the Paris Agreement, we give our clients new ways to shape EU environmental policy through insightful strategies and a holistic approach to PR in Brussels.

Environment_Public affairs
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